Walk Like MaddTrevor Schor, April 9, 1991 - December 14, 2007
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Article: Family That Lost a Son Teams with MADD

Channel 11 News

Published Sep 5, 2010
By Marianne Martinez

Kevin and Kristin Schor know the pain of losing a child.

"I lost a son and a friend," Kevin said. "It's just a part of your heart that gets ripped out."

In December 2007, 16-year-old Trevor Schor was killed. He and a group of friends went to the movies on a Friday night, and then stopped at a fast-food restaurant.

Trevor was on his way home when his girlfriend called and said she had a flat tire. He went back to help. That's when a driver of a Sport Utility Vehicle T-boned the Impala Trevor was driving.

The Schors said the drunken driver was on his way to a Christmas Party. The accident happened on FM 544, near Josey Lane in Carrollton, less than two miles from Trevor's home.

"In just an instant, it was devastating. It changed our lives completely," said Kristin Schor, Trevor's stepmother.

Trevor was a junior at Hebron High School. He had dreams of pursuing a career in sports. His parents say he loved to play basketball, but was also interested in sports statistics.

"He wanted to go to UT; that was the number one goal he had. He loved basketball, loved to play sports," Kevin said.

The Schors said they think of each milestone Trevor has missed, like high school graduation and starting college. While it is still painful to talk about Trevor, they are determined to tell his story.

"As a parent, you think what purpose came out of this," Kevin asked.

The Schors partnered with Mothers Against Drunk Driving for public service announcements concerning the dangers of drinking and driving. They said they are urging people to think about the consequences of their actions during this Labor Day weekend.

"Trying to get people to understand, how would you like it if it were your mother that got killed? Your son? Your wife that got killed," Kevin said.

Their hope is other families won't have to know the pain of losing a loved one.

"We miss him and he should still be here with us, if it weren't for someone being irresponsible," Krisin said.

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