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DWI Victims Speak Out As Holidays Ramp Up

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Article: DWI Victims Speak Out As Holidays Ramp Up

Published Mon, Dec 15, 2008
Written by Lindsay Wilcox

One year after the anniversary of their son's death, Kevin and Kristin Schor are telling his story. Their hope is that it will stop others from getting loaded then getting behind the wheel.

When asked about the one year anniversary of the death of Trevor, Kevin said, "It doesn't get easier. It just gets different."

It was a year ago he and his wife were at a Maverick's game and got the call.

"Kevin came up and said, 'The police just called. Trevor's been in an accident and it's serious. We need to go,'" remembers Kristin.

The 16 year old was driving to help his girlfriend fix a flat when police say 33 year old Arturo Juarez slammed into Trevor's driver's side. He was dead by the time his family arrived at the hospital.

"We just miss him a lot," says Kevin.

A roadside memorial marks the spot where the accident happened. On Sunday, a classmate stopped to pray for him and his family. He's just one of the many students at Hebron High School affected by Trevor's death.

Another student, Mandy McNutt says for her, it was a reality check.

"Every time I leave it's an extra hug, an extra kiss, an extra goodbye. I mean, you don't know how long you have," says Mandy.

Trevor's parents can't help but think of the families who will go through the same thing this holiday season, and it's the reason they're telling his story.

"No one intends that one drink turns into twelve, then turns into you just being totally unconscious behind the wheel, but it happens. It happens everyday," says Kristin.

"Nobody ever said life would be fair, but this is certainly proof of it," says Kevin.

The drunk driver, Arturo Juarez recently pleaded guilty to all the charges he was facing. He was sentenced to nine years in prison.

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