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Deaths from drunken driving far outnumber murders, war casualties

Flint Journal

Published August 9, 2010
by Ronald S. Schor

I would like to write about the slayings that were written about in The Flint Journal on July 29, Page A3: “Flint Toll: Three slayings/four days.” I question how the news media report these deaths only when they are done by shootings or any other means. What we are hearing is all about blood and guts. The same about our service personnel fighting overseas.

The only time you hear about a vehicle accident is when there are a large number of deaths.

How many have we lost overseas? Now more than 5,000. The war has been going on for eight or more years. I do feel for the families of the lost service personnel.

We hear about these deaths day in and day out, but have you heard about the over 11,000 deaths and 500,000 injuries caused by drunk drivers in just 2008? This in itself make me wonder just how many deaths were there in just 2008 in just vehicle accidents. How about the 8 or more years since the war began?

For me, I do not want anyone to forget that I lost a grandson in 2007 to a hit-and-run drunk driver, illegal immigrant. He was caught and is now in prison. But that doesn’t bring back our beloved grandson, Trevor.

In today’s world of electronics there is no reason that these numbers could not be broadcast by TV or written in newspapers weekly. Maybe it is that the people themselves do not want to hear about it. Maybe it will just “go away” and will “never happen to me.” Guess again.

Thank goodness we are not losing the loved ones overseas at the same rate we are killing our loved ones here at home. How many of you that have read this article will go the extra mile to complain about what is going on under your noses? Go ahead let someone know what you feel. God Bless all our love ones and God Bless America.

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